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02 HINDUSTAN TIMES, RAJASTHAN SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2019 htcity TIME OUT Entertainment & Promotional Features QUERY ASTRO PEANUTS DENNIS THE MENNACE Send your astro queries to astrologer and Vastu expert via [email protected] Frank Johnson Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Hank Ketcham yellow sapphire and star ruby would bring good luck and prosperity. that does not belong to the good houses in your birth chart and hence shows some struggle till its expiry. However, you would be highly successful in your ventures ultimately. Test out blue sapphire for good luck and prosperity. When will I get married? (Mukta, New Delhi) The possibility of getting married looks to be before July 18, 2021 and strong possibility prevails in latter part of 2020. Wearing of emerald and turquoise would bring expeditious results on this end. What are my career prospects in the medical field? (Bharat, Saharanpur) Medical profession suits you well. You need to work hard to achieve your goals, as I foresee some hurdles. Wearing of emerald and turquoise would prove to be lucky for you. When will my daughter get married and how will her married life be? (Vandana Thakur, New Delhi) When will I get promotion in my job? (Manoj Bhardwaj, Kota) The possibility of getting her married looks to be between the age of 28 to 30. The 30th year seems to be strong for marriage. The success of the marriage would depend upon the matching of the horoscopes. Otherwise it looks to be moderate. She should wear white sapphire and red coral to speed up the process of marriage and to enhance her luck. The possibility of being elevated appears to be before November 18, 2020. The strong possibility prevails in latter part of 2019. Test out blue sapphire for expeditious results. When will my daughter get married? (Subhash Bhatia, New Delhi) HEATHCLIFF The possibility of getting her married seems to be either in the 27th year of her life or otherwise when she turns 28. She should wear yellow sapphire to enhance her luck. George Gately What are my career prospects? (Pawan Dutt, Chandigarh) Professionally and financially you will have a sound graph. Time is not satisfactory till September 2019. However, some improvement is expected even after November 9, 2020. Wear yellow sapphire and star ruby for good luck and prosperity. When will I conceive? (Manju Jain, New Delhi) What are my career prospects in service/business? (Surinder, Gurugram) The possibility of being blessed with the child is much-indicated in your birth chart. Its strong materialisation seems to be before October 11, 2020. The latter part of 2019 seems to be highly-significant for this objective. Wearing emerald and turquoise would help in yielding good results. The possibility of enjoying the service benefits looks to be stronger than business. You will start getting a push in the last quarter of 2021 and 2020, especially, would show you new ways of prosperity. Wearing of When will I be able to start my own business? (Satish, Hyderabad) You are in the main period of Jupiter Fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, column and each of the 9X9 squares contains all the digits from 1 to 9. SUDOKU MOVIES ON TV DIFFICULTY LEVEL DID YOU KNOW? A still from the movie Baywatch Actor Raveena Tandon was offered to play the lead role in Darr (1993) first, but she turned it down. Later actor Juhi Chawla went on to play the role. HBO Goong 2 2050 Ghost Rider 1226 1418 Baywatch Transformers: The Last Knight G I Joe: The Rise of Cobra Rush Hour Annabelle Creation Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them WB 1026 1202 1350 Poseidon Happy Feet Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen The Lego Ninjago Movie Fearless Hyena II Carriers IP Man 3 1701 1905 2100 2258 1616 1757 1937 2100 SONY PIX CALVIN AND HOBBES Bill Watterson 1300 Argo 1545 Rambo: First Blood 2 1749 Wanted 1905 Mr Bean’s Holiday 2100 The Great Wall 2321 New Police Story & PICTURES 1034 Raja Hindustani 1408 Toilet – Ek Prem Katha 1720 Mitron 2000 Paltan 2309 John Rambo STAR MOVIES 1002 Monster Hunt 1224 Home Alone 1434 Commando 1626 Rise of The Planet of The Apes 1838 Tom Yum SONY MAX 1200 Khamoshiyan 1500 Dilwale 1800 WWE Sunday Dhamaal 2000 Baahubali 2 Aditya is enjoying Instagram, Twitter isn’t happening soon their lives as it lets them have a direct connect with their fans. So did Aditya not miss out on the buzz on social media all these years he’s been in the industry? “Acting and being part of social media are two different things. It has become more important in the last few years, more so for public figures. I think it’s lovely as you get to reach to your fans. That actually was the biggest reason for me to join. I feel this is a way of thanking my fans,” says the actor. However, he is quick to add that being on social media doesn’t mean he will remain glued to his phone. “We mindlessly check our phones a lot, something that many people are guilty of. So, it’s important to be able to kind cut off as well,” he signs off. was only when two women in his gym coaxed him that he decided to give it a try. He isn’t complaining though. “There are so many people who welcomed me on Instagram. Someone wrote ‘Welcome to hell’ and I was like ‘What do you mean? You only wanted me to come here’. It seems a lot of people share a love-hate relationship with this platform,” he sounds amused. Is Twitter happening next? “Let me get used to Instagram first. I’m still taking lessons on that. I didn’t even have a Facebook account for the longest time. I don’t know if I have so much to say on Twitter. I’d rather go slow. But yes, I’m finding Instagram interesting,” adds Aditya. For actors, social media has become an inseparable part of Shreya Mukherjee A ctor Kunaal Roy Kapur once joked about how he and brother Aditya Roy Kapur both sweat it out at the gym; yet when they step out, it’s only the latter who gets attention from paparazzi. Mention this to Aditya and the actor laughs saying, “Really? But I want to know when does he go to the gym? I don’t know if he goes. He needs to go to the gym first. There are things that he enjoyed and I didn’t get the opportunity for. So, I think you need to make do with what you have.” The Aashiqui 2 (2013) star recently made news by finally joining Instagram after a lot of persuasion by friends, family, and fellow gym goers. Aditya has never been excited about being on social media and it Acting and being part of social media are two different things, feels Aditya Roy Kapur YOU CAN USE NUMBERS [email protected] n Bhagat ki Kothi 2650873 Kudi Bagtashni 2650708 Masuriya 2650876 Pratapnagar 2650877 Chopasni Housing Board 2650878 Madhuban 9667440784 Sangariya 9667440785 Boranada 281810 Suryanagri Trinity Tarabai Desai 2712255 2432833/858 2430714 Suvi Eye Hospital T.t.hospital Vishal Eye Hospital 9351412449 2406515 2421212 Jantar Mantar: Jaigarh Fort : Albert Hall (Museum) : Sisodia Garden: Zoo : Science Park: 2610494 2671848 2565124 2680494 2617319 2304654 FIRE STATIONS 101 HELPLINES KOTA JODHPUR Blood bank (M.B.S.) 326000/318 Kota Blood bank 2402010 Krishana 3291661/1052 JAIPUR JAIPUR GOVERNMENT MGH Mathura Das Mathur Hospital Ummed Hospital Railway Hospital ISI hospital Militrary Hospital Mental Hospital Vetenary Hospital T.B. Hospital Ayurved Hospital 2639851 Bani Park Bais Godam Ghat Gate VKI Area MI Road 2201898 2211258 2615550 2332573 2375925 AMBULANCE, FIRE and POLICE: Ambulance: AIDS Crime Police Child Electric KOTA UDAIPUR 108 102 1051 1090 1098 1912 2438656 2435730 2432302 2750422 2519963 2430344 2513938 2753424 2636395 Govt. Hospitals EYE BANK General Hospital 2528811 Kalpana Nursing Home 2420644, 2523191 GBH American Hospital 2426000 Aravali Hospital 243022,2431222 Udaipur Hospital 201011,201012 JAIPUR M. B. S Hospital E.S.I. Hospital Satelite Govt.hospital Railway Hospital J K Lone Hospital 2326000 2427946 2380768 2467060 2326000 JODHPUR Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan 2604117, 9829059005 JODHPUR Ghoomar (RTDC) Tourism 2544010 Fire Brigade (Civil) (Municipal Council) (RIICO) 2650349 2651401 2651402 HOSPITALS KOTA Cooking GAS(LPG) services JAIPUR Police control room Bhimganjmandi Chambal Bridge Chhawani Collectorate Bldg Dadabari Ghantaghar Chowki Gumanpura Indra Gandhi Nagar Kaithunipole Kishorpura Kota Barrage Kunhadi Ladies Police Station Ladpura Chowki Mahaveer Nagar Nayapura Rampura Kotwali Surajpole Vigyan Nagar 2350777 2350754 2350856 2350852 2352857 2350751 2350862 2350752 2350865 2350758 2350753 2350859 2350755 2350764 2350863 2350761 2350756 2350760 2350853 2350763 UDAIPUR Bharat Gas, Bais Godam 2740688 HPCL, Jyoti Nagar 2740087 Indian Oil Corp, Adarsh Nagar BPCL PRIVATE HOSPITALS TOURIST SERVICES Tourist Reception Center, Fateh Memorial, Surajpol 2411535, 1364 Foreigner Registration 2410202 Tourist Police 24126 ESI Hospital Ajmer Road 2223580 Government Dental College and Hospital Chest and TB Hospital KOTA Accupuncture Research Centre Agarwal Neuro Psychiatry Centre 2431217 Bansal Eye Care Centre 240690 Burthuniya Health Care 2405418 Bharat Vikas Parisad 2504501 Cancer Clinic 2426988 D.D.EYE Sansthan 2501161 Daswani Dental Satelite Hospital Global Modi Hospital Hora Dental Clinic Khandelwal Nursing Home Kinkar Hospital 2412722/9829647666 Kota Eye Hospital 2500767 Kota Heart Hospital 2407708 Kota Troma Hospital 2500540 Maitri Hospital 2426684 Mittal Heart Clinic 2435768/2407966 Nandawana Dental Care 2405103 Rajvansh Clinic Pvt Ltd 2503886 Rajdeep Fertility Research Centre S.N Pareek Memorial Hospital Sudha Hospital JAIPUR Fire Brigade(civil) Fire Brigade(helpline) 2323101 3239000 2525390 2364737 2304124 2282001, 02, 03 Fortis Hospital 2547009 Mental Hospital 2613737 Railway Hospital 2223735 Kanwatia Hospital 2301236 Satellite, Bani Park 2204315 Satellite Sethi Colony 2618712 Zenana Hospital: 2378721 Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Hospital & Research Center, JLN Road Bhandari Hospital, Gopalpura Mode Jaipuria Hospital Monilek Hospital, Jawahar Nagar 2653021 Rungta Hospital 2522001,2522000 Santokhba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital (SDMH) 2566251 SMS Hospital 2560291 Tongia Heart & General Hospital 2370271 Red Cross 2617214 Jay Kay Lon 2619827-28 Mahila Chikitsalya 2601333 – 34 Jaipur Hospital 2742619 Soni Manipal Hospital 5164000 PRIVATE Indian Tourism 2601316 9828024111 Ambika 2721222 Aasha 2721587/7228 Batra Nursing Home 2614488 Bhandari 2752962 Chandra Bhushan 2546911 Dhanwantri 2715333 Goyal 2432144 J.K. Nursing Home 2433313 Jeevan Jyoti 2750332 Jeevan Rekha 2633752 Jodhpur 2437566 Kings 2513460/2516306 Kamla Nagar 2755544/2753477 Kothari 2754505 Lok Sewa 2752601 Mishrimal Bafna 2435156 Manidhari 2648899/2648877 Navjeevan 2431605/2615231 Preksha 2787000/2745012 Rathi 2433201/2636125 Rajdadich 2625650 Satyam 2435757/2430869 S.J. Hospital 2613344 Sancheti 2754666/2753666 Shubham 2752451/2752452 Shreeram 5107501/2722111 Suncity 2545455/2546455 Saraswati 2722046 UDAIPUR Government of India Tourist Office, Khasa Koth 2372200 Tourism Information Centre, Khasa Kothi: Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam: ITDC, Khasa Kothi, MI Road: POLICE 100 JODHPUR FLIGHT ENQUIRY JAIPUR Ambulance 108/2636437 JAIPUR 2371363 KOTA Control Room Jaipur City Rural Traffic Accident Cell East West North South Go Air Jet (Airport) Jet (City) Indian Airlines (Reservation Office) Indian Airlines (DM Office) Indian Airlines (City) Indigo (Airport) Spicejet: Jaipur Airport 6500803 2551352, 2551354 5112222, 5112223 Ambulance 108/2433841 2575715 2577554 2565630 2378892 UDAIPUR Ambulance 2368461 Government Ambulance 10,225,263,902,528,800 Agarwal Sewa Samiti 2484879 Lions Club 2483741 Bharat Vikas Parishad 2526588 Anjuman Burhani Dawood 2522263 Tourist Services 9829093380 2473501 2440484 2721333 2567436 2577717 2568721 2575171 (Rajasthan Tourism) JAIPUR Tourist Info Bureau Tourist Hotel, MI Road 2375466 Tourist Info Railway Station Platform No.1 2315714, 2200778, 2201364 Tourist Info Bureau Sanganer Airport 2722647 Tourist Office, Near Elephant Stand, Amer 2530264 RTDC transport unit Hotel Gangaur 2371648 Tourist Info Bureau, Sindhi Camp 2721519 2743500 5119993 5119882 2721149, 2550623 2700107 2430014 JODHPUR 2703851 2551460 Police control room Mandore Paota Kaga Station Road Barkatulla Stadium Ratanada Roadways Sojati Gate Sarafa Bazaar Medti Gate Nagori Gate Chandpole Shivanchi Gate Jalori Gate Airforce 2560777 5132061 2650852 2650853 2650854 2650855 2650856 2650857 2650858 2650859 2650860 2650861 2650864 2650865 2650868 2650872 BLOOD BANK JAIPUR JODHPUR SMS Hospital Zenana Hospital 2378721/2378104 Mahila Chikitsalaya 2610616, 19 SDMH 2574189, Swasthya Kalyan Blood Bank, Milap Nagar 2721771 2560291/2560234 Air Deccan Indian Airlines Jet Airways Jodhpur Airport 39008888 2515503 5103333 2515551 UDAIPUR Police control room Ambamata Bhupalpura Dhan Mandi R.I. Police lines Hathi Pole Dabok Hiran Magri Suraj Pole Udiapole 2414600 2430691 2414305 2413144 2583932 2427073 2655316 2466757 2411797 2485725 2206720 TOURIST PLACES UDAIPUR Amer Fort: Birla Planetarium: City Palace : Hawa Mahal : 2530293 2385367 2608055 2618862 Airlines Indian Airlines Office, Delhi gate Jet Air 2528390 JODHPUR 2331122 Ambika Blood bank MDM Hospital MG Hospital Paras Blood bank Ummed Hospital 2721222 2438655 2636437 5106836 2435730 410999 2561105 2402771 3295190 DISCLAIMER: The schedules are subject to last minute changes. Readers are requested to check from the helpline numbers. In case of any changes, please notify at [email protected]

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