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Covid-19 test is a must to attend Drashti’s birthday party


Iwant Covid-19 to be over,” wishes Drashti Dhami, who turns 36 today. She says there are no birthday plans this year. “I am not having a ‘party’ or going out with friends and family. But, if I had a party, I’d ensure that friends who come, get a Covid-19 test she says. Usually, Dhami spends New Year’s by going on a vacation that she extends till her birthday but this time, she was concerned about the crowds in other cities. “I was scared to go out of town as people were travelling to all the usual haunts and also everything was booked. Moreover, with the restaurant­s shutting early in the city, what’s the point of going out for birthdays? I feel bad for the hospitalit­y industry as they haven’t had good business since last year and everyone is suffering across industries,” she shares. After the lockdown last year, Dhami feels everyone’s patience has been tested. “I haven’t shopped for anything or bought clothes the whole of last year. But now, I am reaching a saturation point. Sure, things have opened up but I am still scared to go for a coffee or to the theatres. I have been to a restaurant just once. I want to go out freely and not be under the pressure that something will happen. We are scared to meet people and are only seeing friends who are either getting tests done regularly for shoots or are working from home. 2020 was a heavy year for everyone. People have understood a lot about themselves and why they need to save for a rainy day,” she says. Kavita Awaasthi

Singer Nicki Minaj has paid $450,000 (approx ₹3,30,20,730) to Tracy Chapman for copyright infringeme­nt. According to PEOPLE, Minaj opted to avoid a trial and offered Chapman a settlement which she accepted.


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