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you ask me about these petty things (link-up rumours), they don’t bother me at all. It just makes you feel like, ‘I wish my life was as interestin­g as it sounded’,” she quips.

Having spent eight years in the industry, Sanon is still learning to live with the constant scrutiny of her personal as well as work life. “I know that this is a part and parcel of being a celebrity. But, I have to admit that there are things that annoy and bother you,” says Sanon, adding, “Sometimes things are written about you or you get scrutinise­d for everything you say.”

Drawing mental boundaries is her way to tackle it all. “It’s important to understand what matters and what doesn’t. Now, more informatio­n is needed because of social media. People need something new to post every second, there are portals that need to come up with content. So, when there is more content, more things will be written about you,” says the Mimi (2021) actor, who has a packed year at work with films such as Shehzada, Ganapath, Bhediya and Adipurush.

The 31-year-old is glad that false news doesn’t stay around for long. “Everything that is written about you fast, fades away faster, because the public memory is very short. Just like success and failure are temporary, good and bad publicity is also temporary,” says the actor.

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