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Cannes ’22: Masks, Covid-19 testing no longer mandatory


Organisers of the Cannes Film Festival are planning to axe Covid-19 curbs ahead of its 75th edition.

As per Variety, the annual celebratio­n of movies won’t be testing attendees, as it did last year, and will not institute a mask mandate at screenings and events. “Since the health pass is no longer in applicatio­n in France, guests will not have to show a proof of testing or vaccinatio­n to enter the Palais,” Cannes general secretary Francois Desroussea­ux informed.

He also pointed out that roughly 95% of the adult population in France has already received two shots of the vaccine. “Most participan­ts will likely be vaccinated anyway, because France has made it very complicate­d for nonvaccina­ted travelers to enter the country,” he added.

“We’re in a very different situation than last year because the curve of Covid-19 infections is going down, instead of going up,” the Parisbased executive said.

Another change from last year is that face masks will not be mandatory indoors, but will instead be strongly recommende­d. However, Desroussea­ux said all the Cannes staffers will be wearing masks.

The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival will take place from May 17 to 28.

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