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Yuvvika is still waiting for her potential as an actor to be tapped

- Juhi Chakrabort­y

In the recent years, Yuvvika Chaudhary’s acting career has taken a backseat, and she is focusing more on music videos. The actor, who has been part of projects such as Astitva... Ek Prem Kahani, Om Shanti Om (2007), Summer 2007 (2008) and Toh Baat Pakki (2010), says good film roles are hard to secure.

“As an actor, I would love to explore more because I know what all I can do. Yes, I feel that (my talent has been not tapped). I should be getting good roles in films. As an actor, you are always hungry to do something different,” she tells us.

While films roles may not have been working out for her as of now, Chaudhary has dabbled in the digital space with the second season of the web series, Roohaniyat. So does she feel that the OTT platforms give better roles to women? Or, to actors in general, as compared to opportunit­ies in films?

“In films, you get very less opportunit­y to work. There are some good films that are being made but the number is very less. On the web space, people have been lucky as they get to perform. There is so much scope to explore as an actor [in the web space] — there are short films, there are seasons of different series. It has opened the doors for many actors,” says Chaudhary.

The 38-year-old also co

As an actor, I would love to explore more because I know what all I can do. YUVVIKA CHAUDHARY, Actor

owns a production company along with her husband, actor Prince Narula. While they have only made music videos till now, branching out to films is something she is open to, especially as a way to create acting opportunit­ies for herself. “We are also exploring as producers, and there are many things that we have planned. We are going one step at a time,” the actor ends.

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