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Benedict Cumberbatc­h is in love with all things ‘desi’


Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatc­h has confessed his love for India, revealing he has visited the country, even before he found internatio­nal stardom with his roles as Sherlock and Doctor Strange. He revealed that he stayed in a Tibetan monastery in West Bengal for six months when he was 19.

“I taught in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in West Bengal, near Darjeeling. Then I travelled a little bit around the north of India. Never really made it to the south, but I spent a wonderful month in Rajasthan. Very, very fond of my time there,” he said in an interactio­n with Brut.

Opening up about his love for the food of the region, the 45-year-old said, “I got an odd kind of taste for Tibetan tea, which is saying something. It’s kind of milky and buttery and salty. And I love their dumplings as well, so I ate a lot of Tibetan food, obviously.”

“Raita, I love, lassi, I love. I love how it cools the palate especially if you’re a hot-hit with the curry,” he added.

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