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‘Before Gully Boy, getting any film felt like a jackpot’

- Juhi Chakrabort­y

Vijay Varma’s career has seen an upward swing since he starred in Gully Boy in 2019. But the actor says reaching the place he is today has not been easy. Talking about his journey, which began with the film Chittagong in 2012, Varma tells us, “A lot has changed since Gully Boy. Before this film, life was totally different. At that time, it was just like a jackpot to get a film. That was my ultimate goal — to get a film.”

The Pink (2016) actor says there has been a change in the way he chooses his projects now, and it is very different from his struggling phase. “Now I have to understand that I cannot be repeating what I have done in the past, that’s a priority. Sometimes you want to collaborat­e with certain directors and artistes that will push you to a certain place. That becomes a point and a deciding factor,” he says.

Some of his upcoming feature projects include Darlings with Alia Bhatt, Fallen with Sonakshi Sinha and the recently announced Sujoy Ghosh-helmed project alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan and Jaideep Ahlawat.

“The work that I have done, I need to learn from that. Right now, choosing script is a lot more difficult than it was back in the day because you are spoilt for options,” Varma reveals. So is it difficult to say no in such cases? “Saying is a no is a skill and I am also mastering it,” he ends.

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