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Yohani: Seeing what people in Sri Lanka are going through breaks my heart


Sri Lankan singersong­writer Yohani Diloka de Silva is currently in Mumbai, expanding her base and collaborat­ing with Indian musicians. But she knows what her country is going through in the times of severe economic crisis, and is heartbroke­n by it.

“My country is having a tough time and it needs all the help. Seeing what the people there are going through breaks my heart. It is really important for me to use my voice and fame to help. I will continue to do all I can for the betterment of Sri Lanka,” says Yohani.

Last month, the Manike Mage Hithe sensation posted a video appealing to her fans to contribute to a project through which she and other musicians are trying to raise $1 million for Sri Lanka. “As an ambassador to my country, with an internatio­nal platform, I’ve decided to lend my voice to my people back home considerin­g the gravity of the situation,” she wrote in her post.

Explaining her desperatio­n, the 28-year-old says, “I am very passionate about my country. Even though I am in Mumbai right now, my parents, sister, friends and my entire team are all there. In fact, the musicians and producers with whom I worked are also there.”

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