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If you are jobless, there’s a problem with your intent to work, says Aparshakti


In an acting career spanning just six years, Aparshakti Khurana has understood that there are so many opportunit­ies available today that being jobless is difficult. “Agar iss zamane mein aapke paas kaam nahin hai, then maybe you are not cut out for Mumbai or this industry,” the actor says, referring to the countless opportunit­ies available across mediums. And he reiterates what he had said before in a discussion, “There were three-four more actors from different background­s. I had to apologise five times that don’t get me wrong, I am going to say something very blunt.

“Agar aaj ki date mein aap free hain, then there’s something wrong... You need to have a reality check whether you have it in you or not. There are so many platforms to perform, including social media... If you are out of work, then there’s some problem with your intent to work,” adds the 34-year-old.

Meanwhile, Khurana, who has worked with directors such as Vikramadit­ya Motwane and Atul Sabharwal, shares that he wants to take a break from serious projects for some time. “I am sure that my next film has to be a comedy, because I have done backto-back serious films,” ends the Hum Do Hamare Do (2021) actor.



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