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Elon Musk is eager to meet his lookalike from China


Does Elon Musk really have a doppelgang­er in China? Even the Tesla CEO wants an answer to it, and has expressed his desire to meet his lookalike.

It was late last year when a video of the Musk’s lookalike from China went viral, with the clip showing a man dressed in a black jacket standing next to a car, mimicking the tech mogul. He came back into the spotlight with the news of the Spacex CEO buying Twitter. And Musk took a note of it.

When a Twitter user wrote, “Should we deploy Chinese @elonmusk as a decoy?”, Musk responded expressing his desire to meet him. “I’d like to meet this guy (if he is real). Hard to tell with deepfakes these days,” he replied.

While not much informatio­n is available about the lookalike, the resemblanc­e between the person and the tech billionair­e led people to christen him Yi Long Musk. Some even called him Elon Mosaic, while others came up with Chinese Elon Musk and Clone Musk.

Last year also, Musk had reacted to the similariti­es, taking to Twitter to joke, “Maybe I’m partly Chinese”. HTC

 ?? PHOTO: TWITTER ?? Musk’s doppelgang­er
PHOTO: TWITTER Musk’s doppelgang­er
 ?? PHOTO: JIM WATSON/AFP ?? Elon Musk

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