Hindustan Times ST (Jaipur)

UK reliance on Indian docs to rise post-Brexit


However, Mehta said the data used in the UCL study was until 2013 and a new standard put in place in all hospitals was changing the situation. Since 2014, all NHS organisati­ons are mandated to follow the Workforce Race Equality Standard that seeks to ensure employees from minority ethnic communitie­s receive fair treatment in the workplace.

According to latest General Medical Council data, only 695 new Indian doctors registered in Britain in 2016, following the dwindling numbers per year since the high of 3,640 in 2004.

Mehta said that under a new programme, Indian doctors will come to Britain on a rotation basis for two or three years and return after gaining experience. “We are partnering with the Maharashtr­a University of Health Sciences and other Indian universiti­es to send new graduates. It is a win-win situation for both : the UK gets doctors to fill vacancies and India benefits from its doctors’ training here,” he added.

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