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Having Covid is like going through hell: Nikki

- Juhi.chakrabort­y@htlive.com

Juhi Chakrabort­y

As someone who has recently recovered from Covid-19 infection, Nikki Tamboli understand­s the plight of those fighting the virus and is concerned over how the situation is worsening in the country. “It’s bad. I’ve been through Covid and I know how difficult it’s to survive. We’re blessed if we’ve the amenities but those who’re not getting beds, it’s so difficult to survive. It’s like going through hell,” she says.

Urging people to follow protocols, the actor and reality TV star adds, “I’d request all to take precaution­s because the situation post contractin­g the virus becomes more difficult. We don’t have proper infrastruc­ture in place... It’s better to take precaution­s.”

Sharing her post recovery routine, Tamboli, 24, says she’s still being careful about her health despite testing negative. “I’m now trying to boost my immunity. I’m working out a bit, so yes, I’m doing fine. People should understand and follow the lockdown rules, and not be irresponsi­ble,” she says.

Noting how the current spread of virus is much worse than last year, the actor urges everyone to not let their guard down, even if they are vaccinated. “People think since the vaccine is out, they can do whatever they want. They’re misinforme­d that after the vaccine they’re protected from the virus and won’t contract it. I know people who have got infected even after the second dose of vaccine. Bahut bekaar situation hai,” she asserts, adding that while she’s taking care of her staff in tough times, being out of work doesn’t help. “I need to work, logon ka ghar chalta hai meri wajah se. If I earn, I help them by paying them. I’m just hoping I can go back to work soon,” she ends.


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