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Kota teacher pledges support to more than 2,000 students

- Aabshar H Quazi

A coaching teacher has pledged to facilitate school and coaching fees of 2021 students who either lost their earning family member to Covid-19 or have family members who lost employment amid the pandemic.

Shashi Prakash Singh, 36, native of Baliya in Uttar Pradesh, teaches chemistry in an online coaching platform in Kota. He was in complete disarray when his mother and elder brother tested positive for Covid-19 in April.

Despite all efforts, Singh could not find a ventilator for his mother in the hospitals of Lucknow after which he sought help on Twitter. Several of his former students came to the rescue.

“Three of my students studying in medical colleges traced a ventilator bed for my mother in a hospital in Noida after which my mother could be saved,” he said.

“The students’ gesture prompted me to support those students who are severely hit by the second wave of Covid-19 either due to the death of their earning family member or due to the pandemic-induced unemployme­nt of their kin,” said Shashi.

“I decided to form a corpus fund of Rs 11 from my pocket

The students’ gesture (to save my mother) prompted me to support those students who are severely hit by the second wave..

with the determinat­ion of arranging more funds for such financiall­y distressed students,” he said. “I am providing financial assistance worth up to Rs 25,000 for meeting the requiremen­ts of the annual school or coaching fees of such students,” he added.

Singh said he has already extended financial assistance to nearly 16 students who hail from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bengal and others.

One of his students, on condition of anonymity, said that he lost his father to Covid-19 but Singh approached him with Rs 25,000 assistance which helped him with his school fees.

Shashi Prakash Singh, popularly known as SPS Sir, resides in Kota, Rajasthan and has been teaching for 14 years now in various coaching institutes, such as

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