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200k prosecuted, most fines pending

- Sweta Goswami

Nearly 200,000 people were prosecuted during the lockdown between April 19 and May 25 in Delhi for not following Covid-19 appropriat­e behaviour, of which 171,154 (86.6%) were fined for either not using a mask or wearing it incorrectl­y, shows data accessed by HT. Reports further showed that enforcemen­t agencies in the city have been unable to recover at least 86% of the fines imposed against these challans during the said period.

In Delhi, the district administra­tions, the Delhi Police and the municipal corporatio­ns (MCDS) are the agencies responsibl­e for enforcing lockdowns and ensuring Covid appropriat­e behaviour among citizens. Data showed that between April 19 and May 25, the Delhi Police issued 97,374 challans, the district magistrate­s (DMS) and their teams issued 93,723 challans and the MCDS prosecuted 6,480 people.

But, data of the fines collected by the district administra­tions and the MCDS show that of the total fines worth Rs 17.18 crore imposed on violators, only Rs 2.54 crore has been recovered for the said period.

Isha Khosla, DM (north) said the reason why enforcemen­t agencies have not been able to recover the fines is because a majority of the voters do not have cash with them when they are caught.

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