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Twitter in splits as Gucci sells kurta for ₹2.5 lakh

- Mallika Bhagat

Twitterati woke up to the news of the Italian fashion house Gucci selling a ‘kaftan’ for $3,500 on its website (approximat­ely ₹2.5 lakh). Indians however were not impressed — neither with the price tag, nor with the combinatio­n of green bottoms with sneakers. Many likened the kurta to what one could easily find at Sarojini market for mere ₹500!

Some Tweeple alleged ‘cultural appropriat­ion’ in the design by the brand. One user wrote, “First of all this is a kurta not kaftan, secondly, I can buy 2 like this under 500 bucks. I know ‘it’s a brand thing’ but this is absurd.”

And the jibes did not stop there, with people saying how they can buy cheaper versions at local retailers. And of course, our mothers had to feature in the tweets, with one user saying, “Wait... a Gucci kurta for ₹2.5 lakh?? My mother will disown me!” What’s more, you can buy the kurta in monthly instalment­s. Another user made a valid argument, writing, “Gucci selling a kurta for 2.5 lakhs, come to India, your trip will be cheaper than that.”

Indian designers are also amused by the reaction. “As a designer, one can be inspired by designs from all over the world. And as a brand, they can put whatever price tag they like. It’s Gucci, there’ll always be people willing to buy,” says designer Jenjum Gadi, adding, “It makes more sense to value local designers and craftspeop­le in your own country.”

In the past as well, Gucci’s use of a turban for a fashion show and Zara’s lungi pants had set Twitter ablaze with memes. Designer Rina Dhaka says, “Customers today need to be smart. While it is flattering to see our culture be a source of influence, buying a kurta for exorbitant prices just because one aspires to own a Gucci is not ideal.”

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