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Resolve remains strong India, self reliance: PM Modi on Covid-19 crisis

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the Covid-19 crisis may have slowed down its pace a bit, but even today their resolve remains selfrelian­t and strong India. He said India wants to be self-reliant in agricultur­e to astronomy, disaster management to defence technology, vaccines to virtual real- ity, and biotechnol­ogy to battery technology. He said the country is playing an important role in progress in other countries with its role in software and satellite developmen­t.

Self-reliance emerged as the cornerston­e of the government’s policy response to the coronaviru­s disease last year.

“Coronaviru­s pandemic has come before the whole world as the biggest challenge of this century, but history is witness to this, when there is a big crisis on humanity, science has given better future ways to be prepared,” he said in his address to a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Society gathering.

He praised the scientific community for making Covid vaccines in India in a record time while expressing gratitude to doctors, other medical staff, and front-line workers for their outstandin­g work despite the adverse circumstan­ces during the pandemic. Modi praised the CSIR for breakthrou­ghs in technology, which he said are a source of pride for the country. “This institutio­n of ours has given so many talents and scientists to the country. A great scientist like Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar has given leadership to this institutio­n,” he said.

“India used to wait for years to get hold of innovation­s achieved outside, now our scientists [are] working at a same quick pace. Today, our scientists are serving the people by working alongside their foreign counterpar­ts.”

Modi also warned the world about the challenges of the future and said that the climate crisis will become the biggest challenge in the coming times. “We have to prepare for this from now on.”

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PM Narendra Modi

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