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June 5 is World Environmen­t Day and the theme for this year is ecosystem restoratio­n. To mark this day, we recommend the Anil Agarwal Reader series. Edited by Sunita Narain and Pratap Pandey, the series puts together the weekly essays and opinion pieces that eminent environmen­talist and journalist, Anil Agarwal, wrote between 1991 and 2001. The series takes readers through a gamut of issues relevant to the environmen­t versus developmen­t debate of the late 1980s through the 1990s; a critique of the politics, practices and discourse of developmen­t and their consequenc­es for the environmen­t and for the poor, most dependent on the environmen­t for their survival.

Much of what Agarwal wrote holds true today. This is a must-read series because the environmen­t is not just linked to well-being, but is also increasing­ly shaping local as well as global politics. The battles of the past will give us a view of the future.

Agarwal Reader Year: 2007

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Book Name:anil

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