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- India versus China Anthropoce­ne

Why have relations between India and China, which together house nearly 40 per cent of the world’s population, been troubled for over 60 years? In recent years, serious military confrontat­ion has underlined their difference­s. This book examines these difference­s in four areas: their perception­s and prejudices about each other; disagreeme­nts over the border; changing partnershi­ps with America and Russia; and the power asymmetry between them.

What does the future hold? In this insightful book, author Kanti Bajpai decodes the complex history of India-china relations and argues that the path ahead is a difficult one. Crucial to the relationsh­ip will be India’s ability to reduce the enormous gap with China in economic, military, and even soft power.

by Sudeep Sen offers a collection of creative non-fiction, essay, prose, poetry and photograph­y which addresses the toughest challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century — the pandemic and climate change.

A literary and artistic response to the most urgent issues that face humanity now, Anthropoce­ne tackles the complexiti­es head-on. It interrogat­es our lives against the backdrop of a changing landscape. Amid all the negative noise in the world, here is a quiet artistic offering, a testament to our fervent times where the ravages of climate change scar humanity, and where Fascist politics overrides the silence of introspect­ion.

Ultimately, the book urges us to slow down. It is time once again to learn how to love selflessly and embrace hope and healing.


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