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Shreya questions government’s silence on lack of health services

- Sugandha Rawal

Actor Shreya Dhanwantha­ry isn’t just angry but flustered with the continued silence on the government’s part about the country’s weak medical infrastruc­ture, which resulted in numerous deaths and widespread suffering during the second wave of the Covid-19 crisis.

“My family and I were aware that the virus isn’t going to vanish. So, the second wave didn’t come as a surprise. But we’re shocked with the way it was handled and how unprepared we were,” Dhanwantha­ry rues.

With the steep rise in the number of cases in March, our failure to handle something of that magnitude came to the fore. “Even today, we haven’t had anyone talk about the lack of medical infrastruc­ture and facilities. Not a single person has come up and said, ‘Yes, you’re right, we screwed up, let’s do better, we will do better’. All we’ve heard is people assigning blame,” she laments, calling it rather “childish” to see adults, “especially people who we’ve entrusted with power”, to behave this way.

From “quack doctors, egregious amounts of bills and availabili­ty of harmful medicines to capitalist manipulati­ons”, the actor opines that the healthcare infrastruc­ture has always been a weak point of the country. Dhanwantha­ry, 32, elaborates, “It has been failing in so many other ways. Just because it’s the informatio­n age, we’ve come to know about it. Just because it has affected us, we’re noticing and talking about it. But it has been failing the villages and tier-2 cities for many years. It has never been there for them.”

The Family Man actor goes on to slam the vaccine registrati­on process, terming it “faltered and biased”. “It’s so unfair. So many people don’t have the informatio­n about it. The app is not made for differentl­y abled people. There’s also a big disparity against people who can’t read and write English,” she says.

All this may result in fewer people getting vaccinated, which brings the fear of a third wave of the pandemic. “We’re not going to be able to avoid a third wave until the whole country is vaccinated. It doesn’t matter if I get my two shots,” ends the actor.

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Shreya Dhanwantha­ry

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