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According to aviation industry estimates, hangars, which are used to protect the aircraft from bad weather and direct sunlight during MRO processes, are an important part of India’s USD 1.7 billion MRO business. However, it takes a considerab­le amount of time to source an available hangar to undertake unschedule­d repairs.

On the contrary, an inflatable hangar is cost-effective, reduces downtime and cost as compared to a convention­al hangar, while at the same time catering to all the functional­ity, safety features and structural stability of the convention­al hangar.

A permanent structure, just like any other convention­al one, inflatable hangars are for use in all-weather structures made from PVC fabric having a life span of over 15 years. These hangars can be used as a one-to-one alternativ­e for convention­al hangars,

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