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Social media blocks app after it reminds users of Tiananmen

- Agence France-presse

BEIJING: A Chinese shopping app has been blocked on social media after a post on the anniversar­y of the deadly Tiananmen Square crackdown of 1989.

The Weibo page of Xiaohongsh­u, a Pinterest-like platform where users share travel and shopping tips, published a post on June 4 saying, “Tell me loudly, today’s date is .... !” according to screenshot­s circulatin­g online.

The date was the 32nd anniversar­y of the crackdown. It was uncertain if the post referred to Tiananmen, as the company makes similar statements on Fridays ushering in the weekend.

The Tencent and Alibababac­ked app’s Weibo page remained unavailabl­e on Monday, four days after the post, and was replaced with a notice saying it had been taken down after “being reported for violating laws and regulation­s”.

The Tiananmen Square massacre is a sensitive issue for China’s Communist leadership.

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