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Vivek Oberoi wishes the industry would take criticism head-on after the tragedy it witnessed last year

- Sugandha Rawal

It’s been almost a year since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput shocked the industry, sparking off a discussion around Bollywood’s way of working. But actor Vivek Oberoi feels the industry is still incapable of taking criticism.

“We have our good side, but we refuse to acknowledg­e our bad side. For any individual, industry, or fraternity to flourish, one needs to know ke hum mein kitni khaamiyan hai,” Oberoi points out, and adds, “We have a little bit of ostrich syndrome. We don’t acknowledg­e that humari

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds recently opened up online about his struggles with anxiety and explained how his three daughters encouraged him to post his message publically.

According to E! News, earlier in May, the Deadpool actor had opened up about his mental health struggles on Instagram. “May is almost over.

It’s also Mental Health Awareness month. One of the reasons I’m posting this so late is I overschedu­le myself. And one of the reasons I overschedu­le myself is my lifelong pal, anxiety,” read the post.

In the interview, the actor said he is trying to become a model for his children, James (six), Inez (four), and Betty (one). He adds, “I have three daughters at home and part of my job as a parent is to model what it’s like to be sad and anxious, or angry.”

The Canadian native also said that in order to “de-stigmatise things” surroundin­g mental health, people have to “create a conversati­on.” industry mein kuch gadbad hai”.

Referencin­g Rajput’s death,

Oberoi tells us, “Last year, there was a major tragedy in our industry.

Then also nobody wanted to really acknowledg­e that there is something systematic­ally wrong [in the industry], and just wanted to write it off ke ek incident hogaya.”

After Rajput was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai on June 14 last year, issues of nepotism and the ruthless ways of Bollywood came to light. The question that remains unanswered is whether it started the wheel of change.

“Whether it is a big star or a small actor, when we lose people due to some unfortunat­e incident, it should lead to introspect­ion,” says the 44-year-old. And lack of it remains Oberoi’s biggest complaint about the industry, which he joined in 2002.

“There are a lot of things in the industry that I’m proud of. But there are also things that I’m not so proud of, and we should be okay to speak about it openly,” says the Shootout at Lokhandwal­a (2007) actor.

Talking about what change he wishes to see in the industry, he shares, “We should take criticism just like we take love and appreciati­on. We should be able to accept it with the same spirit. We need to realise and recognise our mistakes. That’s the first step towards change.”

 ??  ?? Vivek Oberoi and Sushant Singh Rajput (inset)
Vivek Oberoi and Sushant Singh Rajput (inset)
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PHOTO: AFP Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (inset)
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