Hindustan Times ST (Jaipur)

New diet fad: Go lazy on keto!

- Srinidhi Gopalakris­hnan

The pandemic period has witnessed a whole lot of food trends and culinary experiment­s, as most people were confined to their homes. Many even tried their hand at numerous fad diets, such as the keto diet, GM diet and intermitte­nt fasting. And, lazy keto seems to be the new kid on this block!

A spin-off of the keto diet, lazy keto largely focuses on just carbohydra­te intake, without having to count calories or any other micronutri­ents.

“The lazy keto diet is based on ketosis, a phenomenon that happens when your body stops using glycogen (carbohydra­tes) stored for energy consumptio­n and begins to burn fat instead.

In this procedure, your body burns the fat you have stored, plus the fat you consume,” says nutritioni­st Dr Rohini Patil.

Elaboratin­g further, clinical nutritioni­st Gauri Anand says, “In Keto, you have to consume your daily calories in the proportion of 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fats. But lazy keto is more flexible and focuses on being low carb. People limit their carb intake to 20-50g.

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