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Raashii Khanna steps up to provide food to those affected by pandemic

- Rishabh Suri RAASHII KHANNA,

Joining the list of celebs trying to lend a helping hand amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, is actor Raashii Khanna. She understand­s that with work getting stalled, many have no income, and the pandemic is emptying bowls faster than we can fill them.

“The need is really big, we can’t help unless we come together and donate. That’s why I decided to go public with this initiative, #bethemirac­le to provide food to as many people as we can. We will associate with the NGO Roti Bank, as well as other registered associatio­ns working tirelessly to provide food to the needy, including in orphanages and oldage homes,” says Khanna, 30, who will be seen alongside Shahid Kapoor in his web debut, and in the Malayalam remake of Andhadhun (2018).

The actor goes on to say now is the time for celebs to put their fan following to good use. “I think this is when having a ‘celebrity status’ really helps. Social media has been such a powerful tool during the pandemic, a lot of people have helped each other through it. In these times, those who have a huge fan following can be such a source of inspiratio­n,” she says, asserting that many have been doing a lot already.

For now, Khanna has started with Roti Bank, which will provide free meals. “The minimum donation is ₹9,” she says, adding, “Today, many people have the bandwidth to donate. If a lot of us extend support, we can feed a number of people. It’s just a matter of collective conscience that needs to rise.”

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