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Even as the Centre has revised its Covid-19 vaccinatio­n policy to provide doses free to states, it has advised them to prioritise the vaccines for healthcare workers, followed by frontline workers, citizens above 45, and those above 18 whose second dose is due, according to the revised guidelines for implementa­tion of the national inoculatio­n programme for the disease.

The free doses will be allocated based on criteria such as population, disease burden and the progress of vaccinatio­n, it added. “Wastage of vaccine will affect the allocation negatively,” the guidelines say.

The guidelines also encourage the use of non-transferab­le electronic vouchers that can be redeemed at private vaccinatio­n centres.

This is being done to enable people to financiall­y support the vaccinatio­n of economical­ly weaker sections at private vaccinatio­n centres, according to the guidelines seen by HT.

“Within the population group of citizens more than 18 years of age, States/uts (Union territorie­s) may decide their own prioritiza­tion factoring in the vaccine supply schedule,” it said.

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