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Choksi names ‘abductors’, hints at role of a politician

- Neeraj Chauhan

Fugitive diamantair­e Mehul Choksi has named a woman, Barbara Jarabica, two Indians he identified as Narender Singh and Gurmit Singh, and “unknown persons” as his abductors in his complaint filed with the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

Hindustan Times has seen a copy of the five-page complaint in which the 62-year-old has claimed that once he was brought to Dominica, he was informed by his abductors that a high-ranking Indian politician would speak with him.

In his complaint filed with the commission­er of police of Antigua on June 3, Choksi said he was on friendly terms with Barbara Jarabica for the past one year. She initially lived opposite his residentia­l complex at Jolly Harbour, but later shifted to Coco Bay Hotel. She was friendly with Choksi’s staff too, and they used to meet regularly, often going out for evening walks, he added in the complaint.

On May 23, the day he went “missing” from Antigua, Choksi says, Jarabica asked him to deviate from their normal schedule of meeting at a public place and asked him to pick her up from her house.

Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said the island nation has started investigat­ions into Choksi’s abduction allegation­s, even though he doesn’t

 ??  ?? Mehul Choksi
Mehul Choksi

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