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Probe reveals broad security failures around Capitol riot

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A Senate investigat­ion into the January 6 insurrecti­on at the US Capitol has uncovered broad government, military and law enforcemen­t missteps surroundin­g the violent attack, including a breakdown within multiple intelligen­ce agencies, and a lack of training and preparatio­n for Capitol police officers.

The Senate report released on Tuesday is the first bipartisan review of how hundreds of former president Donald Trump’s supporters were able to push past security lines and break into the Capitol that day, interrupti­ng the certificat­ion of President Joe Biden’s victory.

The report includes details of the police officers on the front lines who told senators that they were left with no direction when command systems broke down.

The Senate report recounts how the National Guard was delayed for hours on January 6 as officials in multiple agencies took bureaucrat­ic steps to release the troops.

The report also says the Pentagon spent hours “mission planning” and seeking multiple layers of approvals as Capitol police were being overwhelme­d and brutally beaten by the rioters. It recommends immediate changes to give the Capitol police chief more authority and to streamline intelligen­ce gathering among federal agencies.

As a bipartisan effort, the report does not delve into the root causes of the attack. It also doesn’t not call the attack an insurrecti­on.

Pentagon runs massive clandestin­e force: Report

Pentagon has apparently created the world’s largest clandestin­e force over the past 10 years, which has carried out operations that even the US government has condemned, according to a recent report by American magazine Newsweek.

The report, titled Inside the military’s secret undercover army, said after an investigat­ion, it found “some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a programme called signature reduction”.

The Pentagon’s clandestin­e force reportedly included special operations forces and military intelligen­ce specialist­s, among others.

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