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Six shots of life

Healthier utensil options for increased immunity and fitness

- Aprajita Sharad Swati Chaturvedi

Trolls, fans and well wishers have been flocking to The Great Khali’s Instagram to leave hilarious messages — and sometimes even offensive requests — in the comments. Recently, this trend caught fire, and now content creators, and even many verified handles, are indulging in some fun at his cost. But, the wrestler remains unperturbe­d. “I read the comments and laugh at the funny ones. If I take offence to their comments toh mujhe social media pe aana hi nahin chahiye... Kisi baba ke paas reh ke tapasya karni chahiye,” quips Khali.

“I’m not insecure about my image, and that’s why I remain unfazed by trolls,” he says, elaboratin­g on how he remains calm. “I’m not under any pressure to maintain a celebrity image. Maine life mein bahut kuch dekha hai. I have struggled for 20 years. Roti ke liye bhatka hun... And I’ve also seen the best life,” says Khali, who has served as a security guard, was in the police force, and also shot a film with Hollywood actor Adam Sandler while making a big name for himself in WWE.

While many comments request activities that only humans with super powers could do, Khali understand­s the psyche of the commentors, and is all up for it. “Sabko lagta hai ki physically, The Great Khali kuch bhi kar sakta hai. Why should I take that negatively? Bahut log depressed hain... I want people to laugh amid the pandemic, even if it is at my expense,” he says.

But his friends from the industry and showbiz don’t feel the same. “My star friends advise me not to put up photos and captions that invite such comments, and to behave like a celeb on social media. But I don’t believe in having the airs of a star.”

The 48-year-old, who was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame — a renowned wrestling honour — has something to say to all his fans: “Maryada mein comment karo. Gaaliyon ya bure comments se mera wajood nahin mitega.”

And what is Khali up to, during the pandemic? “I was diagnosed with Covid-19 two months back, but I’ve recovered. I tried to laugh a lot. I feel that helped me. I want others to stay happy, too,” he shares, adding that his wrestling academy is coming up in Karnal, Haryana. “I want to motivate depressed youngsters by encouragin­g them to play sports,” he says.

Think about our commonly used utensils, and it’s most likely to be a non-stick one for cooking and glassware or steel ones for serving. However, traditiona­l wisdom suggests clay, copper and silver utensils for their health benefits. “The nutritiona­l value of food is influenced by the utensil selection, too,” says dietitian Vidhi Chawla. She states that bronze alloy purifies food and promotes digestive health. And copper vessels help in proper absorption of nutrients, says fitness and nutrition expert Hasti Singh, adding, “It also lowers cholestero­l and increases immunity.”

Nutritioni­st Arooshi Aggarwal suggests cooking in clay utensils as “it adds vitamin B12, iron, calcium, etc. to your food, and also balances the food’s acidic nature”. As for silver utensils, she says, “It balances ‘pitta dosha’ as per Ayurveda and helps in problems like ulcer and acidity.” Brass is also a good choice, says Singh, as it boosts haemoglobi­n and immunity.

It’s time to switch to these healthier options that would make a significan­t difference to our liefstyle.

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