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1 in 2 Indian-americans has faced discrimina­tion


WASHINGTON: One in two Indian American has reported experienci­ng some form of discrimina­tion in the United States over the course of 12-month period, says a new survey-based study released Wednesday. And it’s mostly over the colour of their skin, followed by gender, religion, country of origin and caste, in that order.

The Indian American Attitudes Survey (IAAS), done jointly by Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvan­ia and Carnegie with polling group Yougov, also found that Us-born

Indian Americans are more likely to complain of discrimina­tion than those born outside, mostly in India.

The study is based on a poll of 1,200 Indian Americans — including citizens, Green Card holders and Non-resident Indian — in September of 2020, in the run up to the November election. “The data suggest that discrimina­tion based on skin colour is the most common form of bias: 30% of respondent­s report feeling discrimina­ted against due to the colour of their skin,” the survey said.

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