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Onething about VJs that has changed over theyears.

They­have be­come more stylish.

W hat would you rather have: a bikini body or He­len’s moves?

A bikini bod y.

You’rethego-to per­son to judgedance re­al­ity shows. Onecelebrity you think can’t danceto save­his/her life.

Ar­baaz K han.

Onething about Sal­man Khan that not many of us know.

S al­man is ave ry pri­vate pe rson, but he is wond e rful with­kid s. He com­ple te ly ad ore s the m.

You havea lot of tat­toos. Your next tat­too would be...

M y son’s name ,Arhaan.

An in­ci­dent you vividly re­mem­ber whileshoot­ing Chaiyya Chaiyya.

Ial­most slippe d and fe ll off the train while Iwas shooting for the song. That fall could have be e n fatal but by God ’s grace ,Iwas fine and we ke pt work­ing.

Your go-to fit­ness rou­tine.

P ilate s.

The­most an­noy­ing thing about be­ing theelder sib­ling.

Y ou have to worry and care about your younge r sib­ling all the time.

A par­ent­ing les­son that you have learnt the­hard way.

I’ve learned tobe more pa­tient.

The­most em­bar­rass­ing mo­ment of your life.

W he n Iwas on the ramp for a fash­ion show afe w ye ars ago, my shoe came off.

Three­styletips you swear by.

A pair of we ll-fitte d je ans,a crisp white shirt,and nud e stile ttos.

Theweird­est thing a fan has done for you.

One fan­would send me roses e ve ry ye ar as arun-up to my birthd ay,be gin­ning on the first of O ctobe r.

A dan­cenum­ber you wish you werea part of.

Chikni Chameli and all of He le n’s d ance numbe rs.

Onething about Karan Jo­har that cracks you up.

K aran’s im­promptu d ance moves,ev­ery­time­heget­son the stage . It’s just hyste ri­cal.

W hat’s thes­e­cret to wear­ing a gown just right?

S e amle ss linge rie is amust.

A myth about re­al­ity TV shows.

That re al­ity TV shows are rigge d . The y’re not.

How do you un­wind on a week­end?

Icatchup on TV and ind ulge in some cook­ing.

Your fridgeis al­ways stocked with?

Tons of yo­ghurt-base d d ips. Id on’t know any­one who d oe sn’t re lishthe m.

Is it dif­fi­cult or tir­ing liv­ing up to the‘sexy’ image?

N ot re ally. S e xy is se xy!

The­last li­neof your au­to­bi­og­ra­phy would be...

“Ilive life queen-size.”

A pieceof ad­vicey­our mother gave you that you hold close.

That you are as­trong woman; d on’t le t any­bod y walk ove r you.

— Inte rvie we d by N id hi C hoksi

ONE PER­SON YOU WOULD WANT TO TAKE A SELFIE WITH. I am dy­ing to take a selfie with Daniel Craig. I want to be his Bond girl!

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