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as some­thing to be shared?

But fail­ure? Oh no. You fly solo. I think it’s a huge mis­take. When you fail is when you need some­one the most. It is the pe­riod that is your dark­est. When you feel most wretched. Most alone. Fail­ure iso­lates you... some­times from your­self. You won­der, “Is that loser re­ally me?” You try and cre­ate a dis­tance from that part of your life and pre­tend it never hap­pened. Or that it hap­pened through no fault of yours. Fail­ure al­ways seeks al­i­bis. “I would have won... had that per­son lost.” Fail­ure feeds in­se­cu­rity like noth­ing else. Fail­ure of­ten be­gins at birth. You are fe­male. That’s enough. You are not wanted. You have failed your fam­ily. Oops! Wrong gen­der. Now what?

Aha. That ‘Now what’ is very im­por­tant.

Never un­der­es­ti­mate the power of those two words. Now is when your time be­gins. Again. Now is when you pick your­self up – and like the John­nie Walker ad ad­vises – keep walk­ing. Now is when you don’t sur­ren­der. Don’t give up. Now is the time to say: Next!

I have tried hard to fo­cus on ‘Next’ each time I have tripped and gone for a toss. Like when I passed with a third divi­sion (Se­nior Cam­bridge), un­able to con­quer the twin demons of physics and higher math­e­mat­ics. Or when my first mar­riage didn’t work out. But hey... I am here. I am writ­ing these lines. I guess I am okay. I just shouted ‘Fail­ure’ at the ceil­ing – and didn’t feel scared.

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