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ISTILL RE­MEM­BER when I first de­cided that I wou ld go to Vien n a this year. It was the mo­men t that Air In dia an n ou n ced its (sadly, n ot daily) flight to Vien n a from Delhi at in trodu ctory prices that were, qu ite fran kly, al­most ridicu lou s – thou gh ad­mit­tedly, all clu b -class fares from (an d within ) In dia are n ow su ch a joke that it came as n o su rprise to dis­cover that you cou ld fly from Delhi to Vien n a at on ly a lit­tle more than the Del­hiBan ga­lore fare an d less than half the Delhi-Lon don fare.

I’d b een to Vien n a on ce b efore, n early a decade ago, so I kn ew it was eas­ily the most b eau tifu l city in Eu rope an d qu ite pos­sib ly the most b eau tifu l city in the world. Plu s, it had an ad­di­tion al­ad­van tage. De­spite the Air In dia flight, it was the on e Eu ro­pean tou rist destin ation that was n ot overru n b y In dian s in Ju n e. So at least, goin g to Vien n a wou ld feel­like a hol­i­day – n ot an ex­ten sion of Delhi so­cial­isin g.

T h e Austr ian city ’sbe auty an d fo o d ar e e n o ugh to ch ase th e blue saw ay , even­when y o u’r e in cr ip p lin g p ain

poor to af­ford a decade ago.

Then , I dis­cov­ered that a Park Hy­att had open ed in Vien n a two years ago an d the de­ci­sion was made; I’ve rarely gon e wron g with a Park Hy­att an ywhere in the world. (Oh okay: The on e in Goa is n ot so won derfu l!)

Then , ju st as I was dreamin g of Wien er Schn itzel an d Sacher Torte, dis­as­ter stru ck. I was felled b y a crip­plin g pain in my left leg. I’m n ot a fan of doc­tors, so I waited a cou ple of days b efore con su ltin g a fan cy gu y in my n eighb ou rhood who gave me medicin es that did n o good at all. Then , when it had got so b ad that I was cryin g ou t in pain at n ight in my b ed an d cou ld n ot even pu t my shorts on , I lis­ten ed to my frien d, Kapil Cho­pra, an d wen t off to see Dr Dhan an jay Gu pta an d Dr Rahu l Kau lat the Vasan t Ku n j For­tis.

Both said I had sci­at­ica, cau sed when a ver­teb ra is dis­placed en ou gh to press on a n erve in the lower b ack, a di­agn osis con firmed b y my old frien d, Dr Harsh Ma­ha­jan , who did an MRI. Everyon e agreed that it wou ld take a cou ple of weeks for me to ab le to get ou t of b ed or walk prop­erly an d that daily doses of heavy pain killers were requ ired.

I have a (per­haps slightly child­ishly de­fian t) prob lem with doc­tors tellin g me what to do, so I refu sed to b e en - tirely b edrid­den . I did the last two Rude Foods, thou gh it was agon y an d even wen t in to the stu dio (af­ter a pain killin g in jec­tion ) to shoot an episode of Vir­tu­os­ity, my TV show.

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