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POKÉ­MON GO is a fad! Just like hula hoops, Tetris, Rubik’s cube, Ta­m­agotchi and flash mobs – it’ll die a bru­tal and dev­as­tat­ing death in a short while! Ev­ery per­son walk­ing around with their phone held high, try­ing to col­lect all the mon­sters while be­ing a traf­fic hazard, won’t be do­ing so! Some­where near Christ­mas this year, Poké­mon Go will turn into Poké­mon, what?

Yes, it’s a very ad­dic­tive game. Yes, it’s in­tro­duced a kind of aug­mented re­al­ity (AR) for the masses. Yes, it’s made Nin­tendo richer by a few bil­lion dol­lars, and yes, it’s be­come one of the fastest down­loaded and most used apps on a mo­bile phone ever! And that’s the rea­son it’s go­ing to self-de­struct and im­plode very soon.

Why the ad­dic­tive mo­bile game is just a pass­ing fad...

The Id­iot’s Guide To Poke­mon Go

Poké­mon stands for pocket mon­sters and has been around for­ever as a Ja­panese video game, a card-trad­ing game and an anime se­ries. Poké­mon Go seems to be in­spired by a Google April Fools’ Day prank a few years ago. It was re­leased as an AR (merges game play with real life) game in To­tally! The most awe­some fun you’ll have after a long time. Be­sides the con­stant data con­nec­tion and the bat­tery life that it will suck out of your phone, the cars and bikes that will con­stantly honk, the an­gry peo­ple you will meet who may not ap­pre­ci­ate your tres­pass­ing to ‘go get them all’, and the amount of money you will fi­nally spend in buy­ing ingame ‘mon­sters’ rather than find­ing them.

Good Ex­er­cise To Meet, Dis­cover And Do Busi­ness

Only if walk­ing down a street while shout­ing “hatch, hatch” is the ex­er­cise you wanted. And ‘dis­cov­er­ing’ your city may mean dis­cov­er­ing that smart thieves have worked out lo­ca­tions where peo­ple will con­verge. Not to think about the weird places it sends you – grave­yards, toi­lets and places of wor­ship. Poké­mon Go chauf­feurs that take you on a mon­ster ‘stop and cap­ture’ trip and Poké­mon-guided tours with

tough-to-get mon­sters are also part of the pack­age.

Start Of AR Move­ment On A Global Scale?

This isn’t AR at all. The mon­sters ap­pear an­i­mated on the streets, but the graph­ics are from the ’80s. The mon­sters do noth­ing more than just float over cars. This is one more in a list of ‘dig­i­tal ad­dic­tions’ that makes peo­ple in­ter­act less with real peo­ple and more with their phone screens.

So What Hap­pens Now?

Nin­tendo will make a few bil­lions off in-game pur­chases and the gen­eral eu­pho­ria, the game will re­lease in more coun­tries and more wide­spread Poké­mon ma­nia will strike. Thirty days later, it’ll all die as peo­ple will re­alise how tire­some the idea is.

Are You Sure?

Poké­mon Go is a fad fu­elled by so­cial me­dia. Now it’s time for me to go as my 500-an-hour Poké­mon chauf­feur ride is wait­ing. The De­fence Colony fly­over in Delhi, I hear, has a bunch of mon­sters, in­clud­ing the ones miss­ing in my col­lec­tion that I’ve been ac­cu­mu­lat­ing for the past one week.

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