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On Anuradha: Jacket and trousers: Mint Blush; boots: Skechers; ruby necklace, , Jaipur j : Hat, Kangol, USA; Blush; shirt, Benetton; s, , aly ANURADHA MARWAH SANJAY KUMAR (56) & (58), ACADEMICS VALENTINE DAYS TOGETHER bl nit trou ikoli IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Anuradha and Sanjay have been in a committed live-in relationship for 16 years Teaching in the same university, though in different colleges, Anuradha Marwah and Sanjay Kumar first met as colleagues in a syllabus revision committee in 1991. Both were dealing with incompatibility in their married lives at the time, and became friends. After a few years and after both had divorced their spouses, their friendship turned into love, and now they’ve been living in for 16 years. “It wasn’t an easy decision, but as both our marriages had ended and both of us were a little lost and adrift, we decided to take the plunge,” says Anuradha. Anuradha has two sons from her first marriage and worried how they’d adjust to Sanjay, also a theatre artist. “This has been a challenging space and also constantly negotiated,” says Sanjay. “It takes us into areas uncharted, where people seldom venture. It destructures and restructures the notion of family.” “Emerging from the toxic relationship of my first marriage, I realised the importance of normal; how unusual ‘normal’ is,” says Sanjay. Adds Anuradha, “Our relationship has made me more confident, less anxious – a happier person!” T? HA W O H W G N I T F I G S ’ O H W Anuradha: “Besides going out for a meal, I will gift him a bottle of red wine” “[THE SECOND RELATIONSHIP] DESTRUCTURES AND RESTRUCTURES THE NOTION OF FAMILY. IT IS CHALLENGING!” Sanjay: “A pair of beautiful earrings besides sharing a bottle of red wine” LOVE, HATE, TOLERATE Anuradha: I love him for his passion for theatre and have nothing to hate. I love her for what she is. Sanjay: —SANJAY KUMAR ON THE COVER (Clockwise from right) NAMISHA SHAH ANINDO GHOSH (37), DESIGN PROFESSIONAL & (48), PHOTOGRAPHER On Mugdha: Dress, Amit Aggarwal; shoes, Steve Madden On Rahul: Suit and shirt Emporio Armani; shoes, Tod’s 14 LOVE IS SWEET WHEN NEW, SWEETER WHEN TRUE On Tanazz: Gown: Alka Bhatia ; accessories, Snehal Jewels On Bhakhhtyar: Suit and shirt: Zara; shoes: Diesel VALENTINE DAYS TOGETHER Namisha was recruited as Anindo’s Woman Friday, but became his life partner On Piyush: Suit and T-shirt, Club Factory at Kunchals; shoes: Heels & Buckles On Roshni: Top, StalkBuylove; trousers, Mango; shoes, Zara; choker, Swarovski “I FELT THAT NAMISHA WAS SO MUCH YOUNGER THAN ME THAT SHE’D SOON GET BOREAD OF ME AND MOVE ON...” When Anindo Ghosh moved to Mumbai from Delhi after ending a marriage of four years by mutual consent, little did he know that the person his team recruited as his Woman Friday would, six years later, become his life partner. Namisha had no qualms about marrying a divorcee. “In fact, I feel blessed to have found someone who treats me as an equal and who has empowered me at every step,” says Namisha. It was Anindo who had doubts. “I felt that Namisha was so much younger than me that she’d soon get bored and move on,” he confesses. “But as we grew older together, that age factor has diminished.” Namisha loves being married to Anindo. “The relationship has helped me evolve as a human being,” he says. “I have found someone I myself with; someone who ith all my quirks.” On Anuradha: Sari, exhibition at Dastkar; jewellery, shop in Ajmer On Sanjay: Hat, Kangol, USA; suit, Vaish & Sons; muffler, Tushar Kumar; shoes, Bellagio Namisha and Anindo: Same as inside On Geetika: Dress, Zara; earrings, Neeshi Handbags & Jewellery; watch and bracelet, Swavroski; rings: Gili and Joy Alukkas; shoes: Naturalizer On Vishal: T-shirt, Club Factory at Kunchals; jeans, Wrangler; watch, Fossil; shoes, Allen Solly T? HA O H W G N I T F I G S ’ O H W Namisha: “The way to his heart is through his tummy, so a homecooked dinner and a nice camera!” —ANINDO GHOSH Adds Anindo, “Namisha is my lighthouse in every storm, and my bellwether for every difficult decision.” Rishi and Bijay: same as inside Kulpreet and Freddy: same as inside On Vasundhra: Scarf, Bandhni, Ahmedabad; top: Hong Kong; trousers; customised from Khan Market; shoes; Hush Puppies On Rameshwar: Sweater, Calvin Klein; trousers, Raymond; shoes, Cobblerz; muffler, from an exhibition LOVE, HATE, TOLERATE Anindo: Namisha: I love his intellect, but I detest his habit of cluttering the house with gadgets and gizmos. Her smile when she wakes up makes my day. Those rare days when she wakes up grumpy, I stay below the radar. “I’ll be getting her two red roses, as I do each year and a bottle of perfume as she loves them” Anindo: On Mihir and Maninee: same as inside On Navin: Suit, Tom Ford; shirt, Pink; pocket square, Casa Pop; shoes, Tom Ford On Raseel: Suit; Rohit Bal; jewellery, Alpana Gujral; shoes, Bombay Gossip On Namisha: Gown, Redherring; shoes, Footin; accessories, Shimmeria On Anindo: T-shirt, Jockey; trousers, Park Avenue; shoes, Mochi PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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