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COVER STORY 16 ROSHNI SETHI PIYUSH SETHI (32), YOUTUBER & REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT (30), WHAT? HO W G N I T F I G S ’ O H W HAVE ENOUGH COURAGE TO TRUST LOVE ONE MORE TIME Roshni: “ I will be gifting him a watch, a Maybach” Piyush’s fear when marrying Roshni was being accepted by her son from her first marriage When Roshni (better known as blogger Roshni Bhatia of Thechiquefactor) took her young son and walked out of her first marriage, she had lost all faith in the institution. Her husband was a male chauvinist expecting nothing but service from his wife. “I had no say, even in my own life decisions,” says Roshni. “I was required to stay at home and produce kids, with no independence, as that’s what Indian wives do, according to my ex-husband.” Disillusioned, she vowed never to fall in love again. But then co-worker Piyush came into her life. His loving nature melted her heart. And when Piyush proposed to her and accepted her son as his own, Roshni couldn’t say no. Now married to Piyush for seven years, Roshni has only positive things to say. While Piyush’s only fear when marrying her was how her son from her first husband would adjust to his new circumstances. “Thankfully, everything turned out great,” he says. VALENTINE DAYS TOGETHER Piyush: “I want to take her out for a holiday to the hills” LOVE, HATE, TOLERATE Roshni: I love that he’s very caring, but I’d appreciate it if he was a little more expressive. She is very beautiful and intelligent, but I hate how much of a perfectionist she is! Piyush: n Piyush: Jacket an s ara; pants, H&M; hoes and belt, Heel & Buckles “OUR MARRIAGE IS LIKE A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP, WHICH WE NURTURE WITH LOVE EACH DAY” necklace, and Jewellery hi —ROSHNI SETHI VASUNDHARA RAMESHWAR BROOTA (63) & (77), ARTISTS VALENTINE DAYS TOGETHER NO ONE’S EVER TOO OLD FOR A FAIRY TALE! Vasundhara stood by Rameshwar when his marriage was falling apart and married him despite family opposition Vasundhara joined Delhi art institution Triveni in the 1990s, where Rameshwar was a teacher. When Rameshwar’s marriage began falling apart, Vasundhara started helping him out, and simply being there for him. “He was very fragile at that time, both physically and mentally,” says Vasundhara. “I wanted to take care of him.” Soon, they decided to marry despite Vasundhara’s family’s reservations. “I felt sure about it,” says Vasundhara. “And we have proved everyone wrong. If the bonding is strong and your core values are the same, you can pass through any problem smoothly.” Adds Rameshwar, “She is very open and outgoing, while I’m more reserved, but we have a great understanding.” W O H W G N I T F I G S ’ O H W Vasundhara: “I will gift him a professional pocket-sized camera as he loves photography” LOVE, HATE, TOLERATE Vasundhara: He is warm-hearted and genuine. But he sleeps so late! She is very straightforward and transparent. There’s nothing to hate about her. Rameshwar: meshwar: United Colors etton; shirt: errys; rs: Raymond; s:Cobblerz On Vasundhara: Suit from Abha Bhandare; juttis, Janpath; watch, Omega bangles, Dubai “[WHEN HIS PREVIOUS MARRIAGE ENDED], HE WAS VERY FRAGILE BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY. I WANTED TO TAKE CARE OF HIM” — Rameshwar: “ I have already gifted her a pretty enamelled pendant from Turkey” VASUNDHARA BROOTA FEBRUARY 10, 2019 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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