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BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS 6 To read Brunch stories online, log on to hindustantimes.com/brunch. Follow @HTBrunch on Twitter and Instagram Stuff You Said Last Sunday YOUR DATING LINGO UPDATED Ghosting is passé…. Here are five dating terms to add to your list! By Samreen Tungekar CASPERING = keeping a communication going with someone you’re interested in and ‘might’ want to date, in case the current dating scenario goes kaput. (Obviously, the other person has no idea they’re in reserve.) THE ART OF FRIENDLY “GHOSTING” Want “to ghost” them but maybe you’re more decent than that? Caspering, inspired by Casper the ghost, is letting someone down gently by being relatively honest before you totally disappear on them. Kelly Mae Follow @smileforkell Just discovered the term #caspering similar to ghosting but instead the person still texts you nicely back. Strongly considering which is worse: ghosting or caspering? SCROOGING = DUMPING BEFORE YOU’RE EXPECTED TO PAMPER WITH A GIFT Scrooging famously refers to dumping or Steel Cowgirl Follow @AutumnS686 So I learned this new term called #scrooging it’s about people who purposely break up at the holidays to avoid #giftgiving. I rather we just agree to not do holidays & gifts together, it’s more about family anyway. Besides we just in for sex! Why throw that way ORBITING = STAYING ‘FRIENDS’ ON SOCIAL MEDIA Hilary Dare Follow @HilaryDare Someone going MIA without closure is frustrating, but orbiting is a different level. When a fling or someone you dated screens your calls, but is present on your social media by watching your Insta stories, liking your Facebook picture or retweeting your tweet, it is orbiting. #Orbiting is a new #dating term. This person that you date or have dated occasionally pops back into your life through social media and in real life too. They are interested but not enough to keep going. They come & go as they please. Please don’t settle for the person. ritikajhanjijagtiani @htbrunch Awesome read! Please do one on female fitness also. It’s time we shatter the myths that shadow female fitness like not being able to have children if pursuing fitness. breaking up with someone right before the holidays or an important occasion (like the upcoming Valentine’s Day), to avoid giving them a gift. GRANDEING = MOVING ON, HAPPILY miakashastriya02 My my this issue seems to be super hot as it is loaded with few of the fittest TV actors! @itskaranvohra is super hot Thank U, Next, Inspired by Ariana Grande’s in which she thanks all her exes, grandeing is being said to be the healthiest dating term at present as it encourages being the bigger person and moving on instead of revenge break-up! COOKIE JARRING = KEEPING SOMEONE IN RESERVE WHILE YOU DATE @HTBrunch thank you for the lovely eye candies. I have an exam on 9th Feb and had been suffering from a major writer’s block... Guess who just got a vanity-full hero, with a tall dose of confidence and past experience of ‘body issues’? Cookies in a jar… that’s right. This dating term refers to Amber Kelleher Carl C Follow Follow @amber_kelleher @c4rl88 “Self-esteem is an inside job.” Listen up, gents. This one’s for you. Xo, Amber #dating #relationships #selfesteem #grandeing #thankunext #CookieJarring >> going through a person’s friends/followers to initiate a connection with the sexy people u find WTF Curating the best of the Internet for your Sunday viewing benefits @manaliguddidey WATCH. TAP. FOLLOW. #SundayMotivation @HTBrunch, you guys outdid yourself this morning On a cold dreary winter day... I guess I must flip the pages to read what’s inside now! #BuffCakes! TAP Nostalgic vibes with every Carrie quote ever among others on (@satclines). Tap and screenshot! SexandTheCity ty @SurbhiRastogi17 I love how @rehana_munir is so honest here in this article. When most people romanticise ‘travelling’ these days, reading her confessions was breath of fresh air. Humor And Animals FOLLOW Follow @humorandanimals WATCH Humour (@ And Animals humorandanimals) for the cutest tweets of furry little things on your feed why won’t anybody pet me? (thegoldenfiona IG) Priyanka Chopra in conversation with Ellen DeGeneres on her wedding with Nick Jonas and the many guests her mom wanted to invite (like every Indian mother ever!) @Eatstory Find on Facebook, follow @htbrunch on Instagram or tweet to @HTBrunch or... 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