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Shivesh Bhatia, 25

Shivesh is a recipe developer and content creator whose droolworth­y dessert videos went viral during the pandemic

- By Rewati Rau

Your social media goal for 2022?

To do a certain number of videos per month, dividing it for shooting for different platforms.

How do you plan to detox?

I’ll spend less time on social media for personal consumptio­n.

What made you realise that this is your social media goal?

I feel I didn’t give enough importance to video content last year.

Has the pandemic had an impact on this decision?

People have been in the kitchen more than ever. That’s why they’re looking for videos, which is why my goal is to create more content.

How does social media impact your mental health?

Creating content makes me happy. I just engage with people whose content makes me happy.

Shivesh will shoot for different platforms

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