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Saher & Reyza answer some fun questions


Who’s the ‘older’ twin? Reyza: I’m the older, wiser, prettier, smarter one.

Did you ever switch places? Reyza: I feel that I’m visibly better looking than Saher, so we can’t. I’m the first one, so I’m perfection and she’s just trying to emulate perfection.

Who takes longer to get ready? Reyza: Saher, for sure. Saher: I curate all my looks; I can’t just wake up and wear like, anything.

Nicknames you have for each other Reyza: I call her Saheroo. Saher: I call her Ri.

Describe each other in two words. Saher: Reyza is assertive and fearless. Reyza: Saher would be wild and creative.

Do you dress alike/raid each other’s wardrobes? Reyza: Saher styles me a lot because her aesthetic sensibilit­ies are different.

Favourite Bollywood movie Both: K3G, hands down

and women are from Venus,” exclaims Saher. “I mean, I need a man emotionall­y evolved enough to get all my drama, and that’s just never happened.”

She follows up with a relatable statement:“also, I fall for toxic weirdos.”

Since meeting Simran, Saher and Reyza, since meeting multiple trans people and their partners whether LGBTQ or otherwise, Abhishek says his biggest learning from making this movie might be that, “People fall in love with people. I’m married now, but if I was alone and looking for a companion, and a trans person walked into my life, and she was like some of these people I’ve met, would I buy into it? The truth is, honestly, yes I would.”

Has all the research paid off? Does he think that making his movie has started a conversati­on, or maybe opened doors for more representa­tion, whether on-screen or off?

“It already has, no?” he counters. “I mean I’m here doing a Brunch interview and you’re featuring us; I think we’ve arrived.”

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