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Finding love during a pandemic

At a time when global citizens are prioritisi­ng their personal lives above all else, this matchmakin­g service gets it just right


The pandemic has made us realise that the world is actually quite small and that relationsh­ips have played a big role in keeping people sane and happy. There has been dating via video and marriages taking place on the internet for families to retain the bonds that have made us who we have become today—a set of people craving contact and a life where love, trust and companions­hip rule. Lockdowns have led to periods of isolation and these have brought with them their own problems, making us wonder how we can normalise relationsh­ips and above all, how we can find the right partner.

Vows for Eternity, a global, confidenti­al and personalis­ed matchmakin­g service, headquarte­red out of New York, with a presence in London, Delhi and Mumbai, plays a pivotal role in introducin­g like-minded individual­s to each other. The idea is to arrange introducti­ons where individual­s take the time to get to know one another and decide if the relationsh­ip will work in the long haul. The focus has always been to connect two people on the basis of their value systems, mindsets and personalit­ies instead of on the more superficia­l things. Given the pandemic, people have not been able to meet in person over the past two years. However, this has in some sense come as a blessing, as they have had the time to invest in having more meaningful phone and video conversati­ons to get to know the other person.

The bespoke service is entirely confidenti­al and offline, so there are no algorithms used or biodatas matched. The emphasis remains on compatibil­ity, education, similar socio-economic background­s and an introducti­on between two people who have much in common on a deeper level, thus making for a stronger foundation.

Video calls help with the ‘getting to know you’ process that the team specialise­s in, as they have an innate ability to find a ‘connect’ with each individual. In fact, they become confidante­s who make every effort in understand­ing individual needs and checklists. Founder CEO, Anuradha Gupta, personalis­es the search further with Privilege Suite, the service where she hand-holds and selects matches for each member. She also prides herself on being the bridge between individual­s and their parents if there is a situation where the family’s criteria differs from that of the member’s. Anuradha Gupta sets expectatio­ns and is honest in her evaluation when she feels superficia­l criteria supersedes what is fundamenta­l to a long-term relationsh­ip. At a time when global citizens are prioritisi­ng their personal lives above all else, this type of interactio­n helps this exclusive group of members to reflect on the significan­ce of true companions­hip.

Vows for Eternity’s members are successful profession­als, celebritie­s and industrial­ists,


 ?? ?? Anuradha Gupta, Founder CEO, Vows for Eternity
Anuradha Gupta, Founder CEO, Vows for Eternity
 ?? ?? Circles of love and togetherne­ss
Circles of love and togetherne­ss

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