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Subodh and Sid Kerkar field quick questions


What role does art play in your relationsh­ip? Subodh: A huge role. Often, my wife Savita asks us if we have anything except art to talk to each other about. When I create a work, I’m itching to show it to him and vice versa. We are each other’s first audience. Siddharth: It’s only mostly work that we speak of, because it comes to us naturally together. He also thinks that you cannot be successful at anything unless you’re obsessed with it, in a good way. Subodh: Yes, I let him leave his romance to himself.

Do you look at art in fundamenta­lly different ways? Subodh: I think the creation of art is a spontaneou­s activity, so I have more sociopolit­ical angles. Siddharth and I have similar political opinions, but he’s just not felt the need to express them through his art, though it might eventually happen. Siddharth: From him I’ve learned that aesthetics is extremely important. And while a lot of my works have to do with aesthetics and visual image, it’s also the creative process behind it for me. Whereas, for dad, it’s about the history and ideas that the work narrates.

What’s one art activity you do together? Both: Brainstorm­ing! Siddharth: Dad and I give each other a concept or a word and we think about works we can create around those words and discuss each other’s inputs. Both: Also, we drink together!

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