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“Iwould take a bullet for the people I love,” echo both the Kakar twins, who share a close-knit dynamic in their profession­al life, too. While Sukriti has made a name for herself as a playback singer, thanks to songs such as Kar Gayi Chull, and Prakriti too has sung for films like Alone, the musical sisters have made waves singing together, especially with their latest work, an Indian remix of Dua Lipa’s Levitating.

The sisters are like two peas in a pod but their idiosyncra­sies are individual­istic. Prakriti drinks a lot of chai, cries easily and takes a long time to dress up. Sukriti loves her dog Popcorn, has his image tattooed on her arm and dances to her favourite song every morning to set the tone for the day. —DINESH RAHEJA

List three things you love about your twin. Sukriti: 1. She is witty, and always entertaini­ng to be around.

2. She has zero filters and isn’t diplomatic at all. 3. She is focussed and makes me want to work harder.*

Prakriti: 1. Her decisivene­ss. 2. Her punctualit­y.

3. Her “never give up” attitude.

Do you listen to music to help you fall sleep? Sukriti: I take my sleep seriously, and I don’t need anything to put me to sleep.

Prakriti: Yes, absolutely. On days I can’t sleep, I even listen to different meditation playlists.

Have you ever put up posters of your musical idols on your bedroom walls? Sukriti: My idols were Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears. I would religiousl­y buy their posters and new albums!

Prakriti: I remember cutting out my favourite inspiratio­nal articles, quotes and pictures and sticking them on my study table so I could study better.

Who, according to you, has bedroom eyes? Sukriti: Ryan Gosling.

Prakriti: Ranbir Kapoor.

What do you wear to bed?

Sukriti: Comfortabl­e T-shirts and shorts.

Prakriti: I have OCD about wearing a coordinate­d night suit set every night. It has to be cute, cosy and comfy.

Do you sleepwalk or snore?

Sukriti: I don’t snore except for this one time Prakriti took a video of me snoring when I was exhausted.

Prakriti: I don’t snore but I twitch, kick and talk in my sleep. I’ve heard that I even get into fights.

Your reaction to the alarm clock waking you in the morning.

Sukriti: I hit snooze a couple of times until

I finally wake up. I keep changing my alarm tune so I don’t get bored of it.

Have you both ever had a crush on the same person? Sukriti: Once when we were teenagers. Our interests are very different now!

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