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Bony Sasidharan, 40

Hair expert

- KARISHMA MEHTA Storytelle­r and writer

Been living together for: A year.

Do you have each other’s passwords?

We exchanged phone, not social media, passwords when we started living together. We use each other’s phones to use apps in their phones.

Do you think you give your partner enough space?

Bony and Alfa We have an unspoken use each other’s understand­ing. Like, phones Alfa needs me-time in the morning, so Bony stays out of her way.

Do you meet friends separately too?

Yes, more than a couple of times a week. What’s the individual me-time you have? We watch something separately twice a week. If we need more space, we say it.

Do you plan each other’s finances?

We don’t have a joint account or investment­s but take each other’s advice in investing and spending. We share household expenses.

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