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QI’m switching to a vegetarian diet. What are the faux-meat options I can opt for that will he p me not miss my carnivore diet as much?

I—Sachi K, Delhi

would highly recommend options that are plant-based; that use jackfruit, mushrooms and root vegetables instead of chemical or lab-driven proteins. And enjoy your vegetables as much as you can. We in India have an abundance of seasonal vegetables and fruits that are nutritious and taste very good. Meaty-texture options don’t really do the trick, anyway.

Prateek’s signature restaurant, Masque, is changing India’s culinary landscape and was awarded the One To Watch Award by Asia’s 50 Best in 2020

“A“Grow together, don’t interfere”

ll thee of them are winners as all they understand what space is. When these basic things trust and communicat­ion are there, you don’t even feel the need for space,” says Dr Jyoti Kapoor, adding, “When you’re together, individual­ity often takes a backseat and you must work as a team to build a life together. Not sharing passwords is fine, as is knowing it and not snooping. If we don’t give our partner the space to be who they are, resentment occurs. Space is important as every individual needs a sense of self-worth.”

Tips to give each other space:

Space doesn’t always mean physical space but is about respecting each other’s boundaries. Regard your partner as a person who had a life before you. Do separate things that you enjoy. Accept each other’s choices and preference­s. If your partner is going through a rough patch and doesn’t want to share, let it be. Communicat­ion is key. The idea is to grow together and not interfere.

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