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“Most of my talents are useless. But I’m pretty good at throwing knives”


When Rannvijay Singha first shot to fame, most millennial­s knew him as ‘that guy from Roadies’. Since then, it’s been a long journey from reality TV to OTT platforms and now as host of Safari India on Zee Zest, where he ventures into the wild. So, is he the Indian Bear Grylls?

“I’m barely Grylls,” he laughs. Although his family is now based in Dubai, Rannvijay grew up as an ‘Army brat’ in India, which he says was, “by far the best possible scenario” for him. Having been exposed to a variety of sports and adventure from an early age, he played basketball at college in Delhi. A friend saw an ad for a show that was about “people on bikes, going on adventures,” and the rest is history.

Now, he has two amazing kids, his family is happy, and he has a very

What do you look forward to the most when you’re home alone?

I’ll head straight to my sneakers. They require a lot of upkeep. A little cleaning, a little tagging—i even take photograph­s and put in little notes.

Is there a label you’d like to shed? Adventure guy! It used to be a sarcastic thing earlier; my family used to say, “aa gaya Mr Adventure, Mr Physical.” If it’s a tag that’s come about because of what you’ve put out there, then you should feel proud and own it.

Career-wise, what are you most proud of? Clearing the SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal) exam.

One vice you can’t live without?

Coffee. My wife wasn’t okay with it until she realised that if I get coffee, I’m happier. I even invested in a coffee company.


What is the most personal item on or in your bedside table?

Just the phone and charger. Everybody in my house is so possessive about their chargers; t hese cables don’t move from here.

Your poison before bed?

Believe it or not, I have chamomile or green or mint tea. What puts you to sleep?

While I put my daughter to sleep, I sing a few songs and then I just doze off, serenading myself.

What’s the last thing you look at before going to sleep at night?

Poker videos, until my phone falls on my face.

Tell us your irrational fear.

I have a fear of heights, which is actually irrational for someone like me, who’s stood on the tallest buildings and mountains and is rock climbing or rappelling.

How many tattoos do you have?

I wanted to join the

Army, so I never got one, but I am planning to get my children’s names soon (Kainaat and Jahaanvir).

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