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A name that is synonymous with trust and quality


Full-time Director of Cantabil Retail India Ltd., Deepak Bansal has always had a strong inclinatio­n for designing and manufactur­ing apparel. Apart from being responsibl­e for the expansion and diversific­ation of the company’s business and retail market, Bansal is also very involved in the organisati­on’s marketing strategy. Here, he talks about Cantabil’s journey to success, its USP, its plans for the future and more

Tell us about Cantabil’s journey and how its premium collection­s became popular across stores in the country?

Cantabil Retail India Ltd., is a public listed company under both the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The company is in the business of designing, manufactur­ing, branding and retailing apparel under the brand name of Cantabil. We have a network of over 375 exclusive retail outlets and an employee strength of approximat­ely 3,000, spread across India. The company started its business of manufactur­ing and retailing garments in the year 2000 and opened its first Cantabil store in New Delhi. The Cantabil brand offers a complete range of formalwear, partywear, casuals and ultracasua­l clothing for men and women in the middle to high-income group. Over the last 20 years, with the addition of a women’s wear segment in 2007 and a kid’s wear segment in 2018, we have become a complete family wear brand. Apart from men’s garments, the company also caters to this category in accessorie­s like undergarme­nts, ties, belts, socks, caps, handkerchi­efs, etc.

Today Cantabil is a name that is synonymous with trust and quality. We have made this long journey in order to gain the faith of our customer base that is growing every year. We have always been focussed on our ideology of providing our clients with trendy garments of the best quality at competitiv­e prices. We have progressiv­ely been accepting new technologi­es and new innovation­s in apparel-making to manufactur­e top quality products, using the best raw material sourced from well-known mills and suppliers. And it is this approach, together with the quality of our products, that has made us popular across India.


Our new Spring Collection takes its inspiratio­n from themes like Reinvented Heritage, Futuristic Retro and Beyond Identity. We determine our themes for our fresh seasonal collection­s in accordance with global trends and new innovation­s. This helps us keep a uniform aesthetic across our products.

What does your new Spring Collection take its inspiratio­n from and why?

We are a complete family store with a range of diverse products—formalwear, casualwear, partywear, loungewear, fusionwear—in men’s, women’s and kid’s wear. Our focus is on elegant and classic products with a small segment dedicated to fashion products. So we are committed towards providing daily workwear as well as streetwear.

Our vision is very transparen­t: we work on ‘fast-consuming’ garments, which can be worn everyday, with trendy and elegant design details and fabric selection. We are dedicated to giving customers the best quality products at reasonable prices. Our target consumers comprise all age groups and we continue to get a very good response for our products as people relate to them not only in terms of brand value but also product quality.

Different fabrics are used in different product categories. We have a range of categories and we use a lot of fabric varieties. In our suits and blazer range we also use polyviscos­e, imported terry-rayon and knitted fabrics. In our shirt category we have cotton checked shirts, printed shirts and the fabric range features striped material, dobby, Oxford, poplin, stretch poplin, chambray and fil-à-fil. In the formal shirts segment we have launched different fabric surface-finishes like easy-to-iron, peachskin and stain-free shirts. In our casualwear category we have dobby, knitted dobbies, elastic belt trousers, printed, checks and stain-free trousers. We have a lot of varieties in our denim category such as basic twill denims, knitted denims, dobby denims, sulphur denims, black and grey story and over-dyed denims. Our knitted category is very wide with a range of knit collection­s in polo and round neck designs with different knitting applicatio­ns. Apart from these, there is a range of fabric qualities used in our collection­s. Talking about the colour palette, the focal colours this season will be Electric Pastels, Butter Yellow, Atlantic Blue, Interpreta­tions of Olive, Orchid Pink, Mango Sorbet Yellow, browns and black.

Tell us about the range you envisage showcasing and what makes it different?

Can you elaborate on the kind of fabrics and colour palette you will be using?

Will your new collection cater to the whole family or just to one target segment?

We are dedicated to making Cantabil a shopping destinatio­n for the whole family. We are opening new stores as complete family stores. We are creating a complete seasonal collection for all categories this season as well.

What is your USP and what would you attribute your success to?

We are dedicated to making trendy garments that are of the best quality at pocket-friendly prices. And it is this philosophy that has helped us stand strong in a very competitiv­e market. Over time we have gained the trust and faith of our customers.

 ?? ?? Deepak Bansal, full-time Director of Cantabil Retail India Ltd.
Deepak Bansal, full-time Director of Cantabil Retail India Ltd.
 ?? ?? The Cantabil store is a shopping destinatio­n for the whole family
The Cantabil store is a shopping destinatio­n for the whole family
 ?? ?? The Denim Wall features a host of varieties
The Denim Wall features a host of varieties

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