Hindustan Times ST (Mumbai) - Brunch

Exclusive Interview

- By Jamal Shaikh

“But,” Ranveer continues, unusually measured with his words, but honest as always. “It’s becoming increasing­ly difficult to not lose perspectiv­e [and keep one’s head on one’s shoulders]. It has been over a month since 83 released, and I see the way people are reacting to me as an actor; if I read enough of it [the praise], I will start believing it. I must be careful and not lose my head. I am just a tool in the creative process of a director. It’s not all about me. I know my place; I know that I am a microscopi­c dot in the context of the entire universe. It’s dangerous to have an inflated sense of self. So when I see this avalanche of praise coming my way for 83, I’m taking it all in, but I’m also channellin­g, putting it all into my jar of gratitude and compartmen­talising.”

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