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QI love wearing expensive sneakers, and even do so with formal clothes. Is it okay to go to a wedding wearing sneakers that cost me more than three pairs of dress shoes?

I’ve often extolled the virtues of having a “sense of occasion” and will invoke it again, today. Ultimately, it’s got nothing to do with how much something costs. To me, it’s just good manners to dress in a way that is respectful to the event. That said, I also think one must embrace the times one lives in and athleisure (love the look, hate the term) is very much a part of the zeitgeist. I’ve always been into sneakers with suits and believe it’s highly possible to have a successful marriage of the staid and the sporty: There are some very slick “formal” sneakers, which I would first consider over a more athletic style. Ultimately, whichever type you choose, remember that this is someone’s most important day, so make sure the shoes you wear to a wedding are either brand new, or else spotlessly clean to honour that. Keeping the rest of the outfit crisp and sharp will present your look as intentiona­l, not sloppy and careless. Since we’re going for untraditio­nal here and are already certain to ruffle the feathers of the old-guard, who knows, maybe your sporty footwear will also enable you to jump and catch that bouquet before anyone else!

Rahul Khanna is a “boutique actor”, whose sartorial statements and good looks often send hearts aflutter. He goes by @mrkhanna on Instagram

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