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“I’m trying to figure myself out & be happy with myself”


Actor Sikandar Kher is back in Mumbai shooting for a film after visiting his mother, Kirron Kher, in Chandigarh for a couple of days. He is happy to be working back-to-back—he has two movies and two shows in the works, and a movie ready for release.

The success of crime-thriller series Aarya put Sikandar in focus. He has also appeared in Sooryavans­hi with Akshay Kumar and made a notso-memorable debut in Woodstock Villa (2008).

“I’m literally a work in progress and it’s the most fun I’m having in life right now. I’m enjoying working on myself—i’m constantly discoverin­g things, reading about it, enjoying the process and looking at things from a different perspectiv­e. More than anything else, I’m trying to figure myself out and be happy with myself,” he shares.

When we connect between his shoot and bites of dry bhel, Sikandar reveals his day begins early morning. “I go for my run and then go for shoots. It’s all good in the hood!” he smiles. —LUBNA SALIM*

What’s the most fashionabl­e thing you’ve ever worn to bed?

A pair of jeans, when I was very tired! I prefer to wear the most gareeb clothes to bed as they are the most comfortabl­e ones.

Describe your bed.

It is made by a friend of mine with beautiful wood and a lovely mustard-ish headrest. My maasi (maternal aunt) and mother got me Anokhi bedcovers. It’s very simple and I like my bed—it’s got nice energy.

Do you follow a sleep hygiene?

I’m a morning person, and I try to sleep early. I watch a show or movie and read a book in bed.

Nice. So, which book are you curling up with these days?

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off by Michael Caine. I’m reading it slowly so that it doesn’t finish fast.

A Health Shot for our readers?

If you like waking up in the morning then there’s nothing like going for a brisk walk, or just finishing your workout in the morning itself. You’ll not only be really energetic for the rest of the day, but your mind will be clear and thoughts positive.

One relationsh­ip rule you always follow?

Be yourself and be kind.

A relationsh­ip advice you’d give to couples?

Help each other grow and give each other space.

Describe yourself in a hashtag. #Niceguy

Lungi or shorts?


Bed tea or breakfast in bed?

Cold brew!

What’s on your playlist?

In These Arms by Bon Jovi A Trick of Light by Villagers You Might Think by Sons of the East Wonderwall by Oasis Always by Bon Jovi

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