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RE­DUCE con­sump­tion, es­pe­cially of things that come packed in plas­tic wrap, foil or ex­ten­sive pack­ag­ing. Carry your own water bot­tle that can be re­filled, in­stead buy­ing bot­tles of water RE­USE as many things around the house as pos­si­ble. Or do­nate them in­stead of dump­ing them in bins RE­CY­CLE plas­tic ar­ti­cles around the house, give them to re­cy­clers or rag pickers or to the lo­cal scrap dealer REFUSE the con­sum­ables you do not need. Refuse to buy veg­eta­bles and fruits that come wrapped in poly­thene. Refuse the plas­tic bags handed out in shops RE­THINK life­style choices. Con­sider shop­ping at the near­est fresh pro­duce mar­ket in­stead of plas­tic-wrapped items from su­per­mar­kets. Don’t buy dis­pos­able items like bot­tles, sa­chets, cup­splates, ball pens etc.

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