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In­ci­dents of man-an­i­mal con­flict are on the rise. The Avni killing is an ex­treme in­stance, but the dif­fer­ence here is that this act was by a govern­ment official who had clear or­ders.

The or­ders were is­sued cit­ing grave dan­ger to the lives of many (mi­nus the 13 al­ready lost). Are the peo­ple protest­ing the killing of the ti­gress obliv­i­ous to this toll? What hap­pens to their fam­i­lies?

The au­thor­i­ties spent enough time try­ing to track and trap Avni. This is ev­i­dent from the killings; not all 13 were at­tacked in one day.

The crux of the mat­ter is that many an­i­mal lovers are be­com­ing less hu­man and for­get­ting that our fore­fa­thers cleared forests to build homes and grow crops. Don’t they too live on land that was once a serene for­est?

Peo­ple need to be able to life their lives in safety. Let’s re­spect that!

Bindu Pil­lai

made to find and trap it first.

Has she spared a thought for the fam­i­lies of the 13 peo­ple killed? We have to have our pri­or­i­ties right.

Ra­jen­dra Aneja

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